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About Us

Hello, and welcome to Wagging For Exeter - a Pet Service unique to Exeter.

"Why?" I hear you ask!

In April 2017 I had a gorgeous 8 month old Bella, she became my best friend. I was looking in to pet services for her and struggled to find a small personalised service that catered for my needs. That is when I decided to embark on a journey to create a personalised pet service with my best friend. We started of with a few clients and soon grow, using our experience from fostering and remembering one size doesn't fit all. 

We have gone from strength to strength and have been rated one of the top 3 dog walkers in Exeter for 3 years running.

We have had the pleasure of having some brilliant dog walkers join our team and continue to be proud of the services we offer.



*We want to meet yours and your dogs needs, therefore have upgraded our services by categorising walks. We hope by doing this it will make it easier for you and your dog to pick whats best for you!

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