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Pet Services


Short & Sweet

Days available: Mon - Fri

Location: Around the block

Length: 30 mins 1-1

Cost: From £12.50

Ideal for:

  • Older dogs

  • Dogs with limited mobility


Down Your Local

Days available:  Mon - Fri

Location: Local park

Length: 1 hour


  • Group walk £14.50

  • 1-1 Mon-Fri £19

Ideal for:

  • Your average dog

Home Visits

Days available: Mon - Fri

Length: 30 mins 1-1

Cost: From £12.50


Overnight Stays

Days available: Dependant on availability

Location: Your home

Cost: From £50 per 24 hours

Please note

For dogs requiring more specialist services, an extra charge may be applied, you will be informed before using the service.

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