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Meet the Wagging for Exeter team


Mel is the proud owner and founder of Wagging For Exeter. From a young age Mel developed close bonds with animals and owned various rescues including rats, rabbits and dogs.

She has experience with fostering dogs, including those from Spain and Romania. 

Her previous roles in Customer Care, Support work and counselling has helped contribute towards such a successful business. 

Her favourite part of her job is being part of the growth and development of puppies and nervous dogs.



Paula is one of the company's experienced team members and usually works with our 1-1 dogs. Paula is use to handling bigger dogs and is the owner of husky rescue dog.

Paula is passionate about animal welfare and helps with various causes. 




We do not currently have any vacancies but if you would be interested in a position with Wagging For Exeter please feel free to send your c.v. to us by email here.

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